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Custom keycaps are a new trend for gamers and geeks in general, a trend that has started up communities such as Geek Hack, where you can find some of the above keycaps.

Whether they represent game-specific actions, program shortcuts or something completely random, these keys that can replace any key on a mechanical keyboard have become quite popular.

Here are the ten best custom keycaps we've seen:

1. The Eject Button

What captures the essence of an escape button better than a big red "eject" button? Nothing.

2. Mario & Luigi Set

Are you looking for some new L and M keys? Then look no further than this Mario & Luigi keycap set, and bring some ofthe 80s to your modern mechanical keyboard.


3. Vegas Dice Keycap Set

For all you online Texas Hold 'Em players, this set of six custom keycaps makes a great top number row, at least up to the number six key.

4. Heart Enter Keycap

Love 8-bit graphics and hitting enter? Then this is the perfect key for you.

The red makes it easy to pick out.


5. The Coffee Key

Just press this key and your useless CD-drive will turn into a Keurig!

Even though that might never happen, this was too cool of a key to leave off.

6. Refresh Keys

These are the prefect F5 replacement keys. Coming in either dark green with a white image, or white with a bright green image, there will hopefully be an option to mesh with the rest of your custom keycap.


7. The Pacman Backspace Keycap

This is a pretty clever custom keycap, having Pacman seemingly eat away the letters that you want to delete.

8. The Portal Keycap Set

Perfect for a pair of keys the go together such as the bracket keys or the two control keys, these custom keycaps inspired by the Portal game series are well designed and can fit in well with any black keycap scheme.


9. The Dota Key

If you have a macro key just to launch Dota 2, this is the custom keycap for you.

That said, it would be pretty easy for any fan of the game to find room for this on their keyboard.

10. Ubuntu Key

Any Linux user will absolutely hate the Windows key on their keyboard, so why not switch it out with a custom Ubuntu keycap?

Of course, it may not be fully accurate depending on the Linux distribution chosen, but it will be better than a Windows key.

You can find the above keycaps at WASD Keyboards.

And there you have it, the ten best custom keycap or keycap sets that we have found around the Internet.

Do you have a good custom keycap setup? We'd love to see them in the comments. If they are really cool, we might even feature them right here on GameSkinny!

Published Apr. 7th 2015

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