11 Best Characters in the Dead or Alive 6 Roster


Many fighters on DoA 6's entire roster have hard-edged fighting combos. Ayane is a great example of one that does it better than most.

Ayane's backstory is dramatic and exciting; although she appeared in the Sega Saturn version of the first game, it was only as a training dummy. After making her first in-ring appearance during the 1998 PlayStation port, Ayane's moveset has, unsurprisingly, changed from then to now. 

However, she's still one of the most powerful fighters in the game. 

She has a huge number of amazing 10 and  11 hit combos, but one of the simpler and more powerful ones is the K into 6P+K by the wall combo, which is both stylish and deadly.

Published Mar. 12th 2019

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