Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Breakdown: What Does It Tell Us?

Released this morning at 7AM PT

Early this morning we got our first look at Rockstar's sequel to 2010's Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2. The trailer showed off brand new gameplay footage running on next gen consoles -- and even though it was short, there's a lot to dig into and unpack. So let's get started.

The trailer begins with a large and utterly gorgeous Wild West landscape, plus era appropriate music. Many different landscapes are shown off, and some even appear to be from previous areas of the original Red Dead, such as Tall Trees and the Great Praries. Familiar wildlife such as small Buffalo is shown, and of course horses are very prevalent throughout.

The areas it looks like you will be traversing are much more vertical and varied than previous games, and tall mountains are shown in a few shots. Towards the end, we hear an unknown character speaking, possibly one of the seven characters in the promo art.

All of the footage appears to be in engine and includes some of the best graphic fidelity of any game released on next-gen consoles thus far. Unfortunately, no character, plot, or mechanic details were included in this teaser. We do, however, see a very brief shot of the seven characters in the promo art riding off into the sunset. Fan theories are sure to ensue. 

With the trailer released, it is safe to safe to say that Rockstar will be quiet for a while, or at least until we receive a new trailer. 

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Published Oct. 20th 2016

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