Dota 2 TI5: Group stage Day 4 in a nutshell

A short roundup of Dota 2 The International Group Stage Day 4 .

At the end of group stage, both groups are finally on set for The International Main Event. All teams fought for pride and glory. which resulted in some epic matches. We hope all teams will continue to deliver quality and entertaining matches throughout the Main Event.

Here is the roundup of TI5 group stage Day 4:

As expected, LGD and Secret leads the Group A without losing a single series. While LGD already secured the upper bracket position yesterday, they continued to show no mercy today as they beat Fnatic 2-0.

The biggest winner of Day 4 was CompLexity (coL.Dota 2) after they won against Cloud 9 and Fnatic 2-0. MVP.phx, iG, Fnatic and Na'Vi will now have to survive in a best-of-1 first round in the lower bracket.

The most anticipated match today was the battle of Group B leaders EG and CDEC. The North American team EG defeated the "Chinese Rising Star" CDEC in a 2-0 run.

Group B's today biggest loser was the Russian team Virtus.Pro. EHOME sends Virtus.Pro on a tie-breaker match with Empire as EHOME defeated Virtus.Pro in 2-0.

Coming from a 1 game loss, after a best-of-three series that was full of emotions and tensions, Empire managed to outsmart Virtus.Pro and land the last spot in the upper bracket.

In case you missed the group stage, here is the past recap of The International Group Stages:

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So how did you feel about TI5 Group Stage Day 4 and the upcoming Main Event? Let us know you thoughts in comment section down below!

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Published Jul. 31st 2015

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