The Sims 4 Promises Low-End System Support

The Sims 4 Will Play Better On A Low-End PC Than Its Predecessors

 The Sims is a beloved franchise, with millions of copies sold it has made its mark as the best-selling franchise in PC history. Sadly all those millions of fans do not have a super high-end PC to play the game on.

Maxis has recognized this problem and made their best effort to make The Sims 4 play on a wide range of systems. Producer Ryan Vaughn had a few words to say on this topic.

"We're really excited to say that players on lower end machines are going to have a much better experience on The Sims 4 than they did with The Sims 3. Right now we're doing a lot of work to optimize the game's performance, cut down on loading screens, and make sure everything still looks as beautiful, the Sims feel as vibrant, and that your gameplay is just as much fun regardless of what spec you're playing on,"

 The Sims 4 also got a new trailer last week at Gamescom. This new trailer showcases some of the major changes that Maxis has made. We no longer have to use the create-a-sim sliders from the past games, we can now just grab our sim's butt and make it as big as we want. The thing that amazed me the most was the ability to pick up a room in your house and move it wherever you want, that is something we have needed for a while.

The addition of emotional states is a brand new feature to The Sims. Now your sims have a range of emotions just waiting for you to toy with. In the video we see how the actions of one sim can have an impact on another when one sim uses a voodoo doll to make another Sim angry. The objects and decor around your house can even affect your sim's emotions.

Overall The Sims 4 looks amazing. I can't wait to start toying with people's emotions and making voodoo dolls of the entire neighborhood. The Sims 4 has no official release date yet, all we know is it is set to release sometime in early 2014.

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Published Aug. 26th 2013

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