Units We Totally Want in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

Chickens and Spartans and Zombies, oh my! But how do you think these additional units would fare in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator?

Even though it has just been officially released, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator (UEBS) has been around in Early Access since April 2017 and has already built up quite a substantial following. People appear to be liking the fact that they can recreate infamous, historic battles, like the Battle of Thermopylae (ca. 300) or some of the battles from Game of Thrones, but they are also having fun creating other absurd battles, such as a T-Rex vs. Chickens.

While the game already consists of a lot of units from various ancient armies, mythologies, and creatures galleries, fans are always coming up with ideas about what else could be included in the game. Large threads in the game's Steam Community or on Reddit show that players want more out of UEBS. In this piece, I've highlighted some of the unit suggestions I think would make a nice addition to the game. From historical units to creatures from the silver screen, there have been some great ones!


Illustration of Aztec warriors from an Aztec Codex

Well, for an extinct culture, the Aztecs were actually quite a fearsome and formidable race. Politics and society revolved around warfare and even the commoners could progress up the social ladder through their triumphs during times of war and fighting. Two of the most famous ranks in the Aztec army were the Eagle and Jaguar Warriors.

With bright colored shields and feathered headdresses, both of these melee units would make spectacular additions to the UEBS roster.


Image credit: JackalOfTrades

Suggestions for mythological armies feature greatly on the UEBS Steam Community forum thread. Dragons have been the most voted for on the list but a few places behind them are the great Minotaurs.

Originally a creature found in Greek legends, this half-bull, half-man creature lived at the center of the Labyrinth created by King Minos and feature in the story of Theseus. In modern times, we see the Minotaur as more of a race than a singular creature.

These powerful brutes would easily plow down any army's front line just through sheer momentum, but couple that with being able to wield giant battleaxes or hurdle boulders at enemies, the Minotaur would definitely make for a great addition to UEBS.

War Elephants

Indian War Elephant (Source)

Throughout the history of warfare, humans have always found a way to utilize the strength or speed the creatures from the animal kingdom. Whether it has been the use of horses for speed or the use of carrier pigeons during the World Wars to deliver secret messages, animals have always played their part in war (well, up until modern times at least). 

Elephants were used by Eastern and Ancient European civilizations for their strength, their surprising speed, and their sheer size for centuries before modern tanks took over. They were mainly used to charge into ranks to break through columns of soldiers, making those who weren't crushed flee in terror. Being very large and able to carry great loads, elepahnts were also used to carry long-range troops into the thick of battle.

We already have great, bulky T-Rex units in UEBS, so how about elephants? They would certainly give any infantry rank a run for its money!


Tolkien Wizards (Source

Come on, who wouldn't want a battalion of fire- or ice-wielding Wizards and other spellcasters in their army?

Being able to use both defensive and offensive magic, Wizards are a common unit in RTS games, as well as RPGs, so they wouldn't really be an oddity in a game that already pits T-Rexes against Medival Knights. They would make a great unit either as a group or a hero unit, providing barriers and defensive spells. 


As most people know, the Samurai were the great warriors of feudal Japan. Rather than being ordinary foot soldiers, the Samurai were the officers and noble caste of Japanese society. They were trained in military tactics, some of which are still used today in Japan and all over the world.

Samurai made up a tiny percentage of Japanese troops, but they have become renowned because of their unique look and skills on the battlefield. While most of us know them to have carried swords, they were also skilled archers and deadly when equipped with a polearm or chained weapons. Couple this with the fact that all of this could be done on horseback, Samurai were a force to be reckoned with -- until the invention of firearms.

Would they make a good addition to UEBS? Well, of course, they would! 


Swedish Stridsvagn 103 (Image source)

Some may argue that tanks don't really have a place in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, but at the end of the day, the game is about battles and tanks belong in battles. You might not see tank battalions quite the size that they were during World War 2 -- but even in modern warfare, they play a huge part.

They have it all, really. They have guns mounted on the front, and sides in some cases, are mechanical so they take no effort to move like having to push a trebuchet, and, of course, they are made from thick reinforced metal, which is hard to penetrate.

Tanks and other vehicles are high on the unit suggestions list on Steam, so they would be popular, but I'm guessing there would have to be some serious nerfing done to prevent them from being too overpowered. In reality, no melee unit could do it any serious damage, so it would be completely unfair to use if you wanted to "go by the book".


Example of an arachnid, Shelob, from The Lord of the Rings series

So, I'm kind of cutting a corner on this last one. There are many suggestions of various arachnids in the Steam forums. from normal spiders to even the "Arachnids" from the Starship Troopers movies. To be honest, all would fit in the game fantastically.

Shelob, as well as other giant spiders, feature greatly in the writings of JRR Tolkien. First introduced in The Two Towers, Shelob is a huge spider that lives in Mordor. Some of her descendants live in Mirkwood and were killed by Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit.

If their venom and killer instinct aren't enough to scare you opponents, you can be sure that they would incite terror in anyone facing them.

A tanker bug emerging from the ground in Starship Troopers

Even though they are not true arachnids, the bugs from Starship Troopers are just as gruesome and terrifying as any eight-legged critter. They come in all shapes and sizes, from foot soldiers to giant "land-to-air" bugs that blast plasma out of their rears to shoot incoming ships. They'd be a whole army on their own, let alone just a unit! Using sheer numbers, they can overcome any stronghold or reinforced unit.


There are plenty more UEBS unit suggestions all over the internet but these seven, in particular, have piqued my interested, and I would love to see them implemented in the game.

What units would you like to see in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator? Let us know below and remember to check back to GameSkinny for everything UEBS!


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Published Jun. 14th 2017

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