Rumored Switch Model Reportedly Features Nvidia DLSS GPU

Another round of Switch Pro rumors suggests the new Switch uses Nvidia's DLSS chip to upscale graphics.

More information about the long-rumored new Switch model is making the rounds. According to a new report from Bloomberg's Takashi Mochizuki, it will make use of Nvidia's Deep Learning Super Sampling chip to increase power and create a new graphics benchmark for Nintendo's popular platform. Alongside providing a number of much-needed improvements, docked 4K would be possible. 

Because the process requires additional code for older games, Mochizuki's sources said the functionality will primarily be reserved for new games. Hitting 4K is the goal when docked, but the DLSS would also enhance graphics in handheld mode.

This version of the Switch is reportedly getting increased memory and a better-performing CPU as well. It's an "atypically advanced" setup for a company that prioritizes more affordable technology, Mochizuki said.

Naturally, all this comes with a price tag. Bloomberg estimates the Switch Pro cost will be somewhere between $349 and $399.99, with the latter being the likely price point.

These latest Switch Pro rumors follow other recent Bloomberg reports outlining the Switch Pro's OLED screen and "blockbuster" 2021 lineup.

[Source: Bloomberg]


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Published Mar. 23rd 2021

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