11 Most Anticipated New FPS Games of 2018

System Shock Remastered

Developer: Night Dive Studios
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux, PS4
Release Date: 2018

This granddaddy of FPS hybrids was rightly heralded as an amazing breakthrough when it arrived in 1999, and there's no question the series played a major role in influencing beloved FPS titles like Bioshock.

Now it's coming back, bigger and more beautiful than ever, recreated in the Unreal 4 engine. Although it's called a "remaster," it's essentially being re-built from the bottom up and will feature the talents of legendary game designers like Chris Avellone.

A substantial update about the state of the game's development also just landed on Kickstarter and can be read here.

Published Nov. 14th 2017

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