Dishonored 2 Secrets Revealed

Arkane Studios reveal some secrets from the E3 trailer

Harvey Smith, Creative Director at Arkane Studios, has revealed some secrets about the upcoming Dishonored 2.

Dishonored 2 was revealed at Bethesda's E3 2015 Conference but nothing has been heard of the sequel since. Smith recently revealed some secrets about the game that were revealed in the E3 announcement trailer. Before we look at Smith's comments, you can check out the E3 trailer below to refresh your memory.

First and foremost we know that the game takes place 15 years after the events of the original Dishonored. Emily Kaldwin, now a young woman, has been overthrown as the Empress and the game follows her journey to become an assassin like Corvo Attano and retake her throne. However Emily is just one of three playable characters in the game, alongside Corvo and a yet-unknown character.

After playing the prologue with Emily, gamers can play as any of these characters, all equipped with diverse abilities. How playing as these characters affects the story is yet unknown.

Smith has revealed that everything Emily does in the trailer, including the Symbiote-like tentacle, is an ability you can perform in the game. The shadowy crawling movement Emily did at the end of the trailer is known as "Shadow Mode", but Smith said we will find out more about that later. Even the mission Emily is on, is an actual mission in the game.

He also revealed that the man Emily is hunting is known as Kirin Jindosh, the man that designed the island of Serkonos. Jindosh is also a former student of Anton Sokolov, a painter, physician and inventor from the first game. Jindosh is also the founder of Jindosh Technologies, who make the creepy Clockwork Soldiers from the trailer. Of the Clockwork Soldiers Smith said, "they're sold to aristocrats and high-valued friends of the duke to protect their holdings," So it seems likely that these robotic ninjas will be a recurrent enemy in Dishonored 2.

Smith revealed that "the Clockwork Soldiers operate on imported whale oil" and are made, partly, of Ceramic but that later in the game there will be wooden versions of the soldiers that are taller and more "bird-like". Smith said the wooden soldiers are "very aggressive and scary to fight." He also said bits of them will be knocked off during fights, which unveil their metal underneath, leaving an "H.G Wells looking creepy robot." The soldiers also have two faces, which made stealth difficult.

Dishonored 2 is slated to release in Q1 2016, so we should get a lot more news on it in the coming months. However, if you can't wait that long, Dishonored Definitive Edition just released on PS4 and Xbox One and you can read our review of the original right here


Published Sep. 2nd 2015

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