GameSkinny's Favorite Pokemon of Each Type

Adelgirl's Favorite Pokemon

Above is my personal list of favorite Pokemon. I love dragon type Pokemon, and tried to put as many cross-type dragons as I could into my list. The others are various Pokemon that I have relied on during playthroughs of multiple games in the main series and really enjoyed -- like my choice of Talonflame for my Fire Pokemon.

Some types I'm not a fan of, but I still have very specific Pokemon that I like -- like the Bug-type Pokemon, Scolipede.

  • Grass: Decidueye
  • Fire: Talonflame
  • Water: Empoleon
  • Normal: Exploud
  • Electric: Luxray
  • Psychic: Gardevoir
  • Fighting: Kommo-o
  • Rock: Rockruff
  • Ground: Flygon
  • Flying: Altaria
  • Bug: Scolipede
  • Poison: Mareanie
  • Dark: Hydreigon
  • Ghost: Palossand
  • Ice: Walrein
  • Steel: Jirachi
  • Dragon: Mega Charizard X
  • Fairy: Mimikyu
Published Sep. 6th 2017

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