How to Use Ninpo in Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Wondering how to use ninpo in Ninja Gaiden Sigma? This guide tells you what ninpo are, how to equip them, and how to make use of them.

The Ninja Gaiden Master Collection makes it easier than ever to play the classic trilogy on modern platforms. Something that may confuse first-time players, on the other hand, is the Ninja Gaiden ninpo system.

The game barely mentions the mechanic, but it's essential to get the upper hand on enemies. The guide below explains what ninpo are, how to equip them, and how to use them.

What are Ninpo in Ninja Gaiden Sigma? 

Equipment selection screen showing two ninpo scrolls.

Ninpo are scrolls that you can either collect or buy. They give Ryu new abilities in battle. For both of the ninpo above, Ryu can summon flames that encircle with The Art of the Fire Wheels, giving him protection. In addition, he can blast a plume of flame with The Art of the Inferno like The Legend of Korra.

However, you can't go willy nilly with these powers. You have to wait for Ryu's Ki power to return after a period of time. You can replenish Ki by drinking the Elixir of the Devil Way and similar items. As you get further into the game, you'll gain more Ki with specific objects that grow the meter. Your Ki is signified by the flame(s) under your health bar. 

How to Equip Ninpo 

Go to the main menu and toggle over Equipment. Next, press right on the D-Pad and go down to Ninpo. Press right again and you can then select your preferred ninpo with the confirm button. 

How to Use Your Equipped Ninpo

Ryo using a fire ninpo scroll with four flame columns shooting out from his body.

You are now all set to use your elemental abilities. Press your projectile button and the heavy attack button together. If you have the flame in the top left of the screen, you'll be able to use your attack. Make sure that is well-timed and isn't wasted as Ki is slow to replenish.

And that's how you use ninpo in Ninja Gaiden Sigma in the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection. You are now a Ninpo pro. 


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Published Jun. 17th 2021

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