The 5 Best Mods for Mafia 3

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Although Mafia 3 has been severely criticized for all kinds of gaming sins, a community of devoted fans has emerged and decided to make the game better through their own custom modifications.

Apart from purely cosmetic mods, such as Vintage Reshades and various car parts, there are some really important ones that can actually improve your gameplay experience on a technical level.

So, if you’re willing to give Mafia 3 another chance, here are five mods that can make this game really worthy of your time.

Note: all these mods will not run unless you pre-install the Mafia 3 ScriptHook (download here), which serves as the running component of all mods for Mafia 3. When you install it, you will then be able to use all mods mentioned.

Published Nov. 3rd 2016

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