Why I Enjoy Remakes and Ports

Why remakes and ports rock!

It seems like these days a whole ton of games are being re-done with updated graphics on the most recent consoles.  I’m a huge fan of this because often times I no longer have the older console or the game itself. 

Lots of companies are doing this because it is a much quicker way of putting out a game and having it make them a decent amount of capital for the amount of time and work that went into the HD update.  Some prominent remakes include Halo: Combat Evolved, Golden Eye, and The Jak and Daxter Collection. 

Often one of the most requested remakes is Final Fantasy VII, yet Square Enix continually denies any rumor that they are remaking the game. 

I recently found out that one of my favorite games on the Gamecube was going to get an HD remake coming in 2014. 

The game is Tales of Symphonia, which launched my love of that series of games.  More recently the people behind the series of games remade Tales of The Abyss for the 3DS, when that came out I couldn’t get my hands on a copy fast enough.  There is just something about playing a classic from the past that makes you feel good. 

Leave me a comment with your opinion on remakes and ports, and tell me what some of you favorites and least favorites are.


Published Jun. 26th 2013
  • Joseph Morgan
    Yeah there are times, but generally with remakes and ports they try to give you a little bit extra to help soften the blow. As far as I've seen they didn't do it with Abyss on the 3DS. I know the Symphonia is a dual pack with the sequel that was on Wii.
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Fellow Symphonia/Abyss/Vesperia junkie here :)

    Curious, do you resent paying for a game again, when you essentially paid to have it on an older console? I always feel a bit burned when next gen isn't backwards compatible.

    And yet, I hope. Like a foolish fool. I hope.


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