Classic Snake on Steroids (Review)

Looking for your next gaming addiction? For being so simple, is sure to keep you hooked.

Sometimes the simplest games prove to be the most addicting. For classic Snake fans (like me), is a dream come true. This free multiplayer game is available on PC browsers and on both mobile platforms.


Once upon a time, there was a wee snake named Thad...


There is no story. Once you hit play, you start out as an itty-bitty snake in a cruel and competitive world. The game does allow for some customization, though. You can equip a variety of skins to give your snake some flair. 


Be forewarned, this game is addicting as hell. Minutes can easily turn into an hour (or three) once your competitive streak kicks in. Although you can definitely see influences from both Snake and, I like a bit more than both. It opens up Snake's self-competing structure to include additional players, and it is much more visually appealing (and less creepy in my humble opinion) than (Seriously, have you seen the skins in 

Your mission? Collect colorful, glowing balls to help you grow. Sounds innocent and easy enough, until you see a coil from a gargantuan snake loom on the edge of your screen. For something so simple, it does manage to instill a sense of dread. 

Your task is simple: Grow as much as you can as fast as you can, avoid being entrapped by other snakes (some of them are crafty bastards), and try to take out a few snakes of your own to increase your stats. Fortunately for you, we have a guide to help you rock snaking in 

For my part, there were a fair share of victorious "huzzahs!" when I took out the biggest and baddest snakes. There were also long strings of curse words as I watched my 4,231 record go down the drain via a 213 twerp. The multiplayer arena adds just enough unpredictability to keep the game interesting. Unlike Snake, you can run into and over yourself without fear of losing, however make for damn sure you don't run into other snakes. Also, beware the coil of doom. You'll see what I mean...


I prefer to play the game on the PC due to improved visibility. You use your mouse to guide your reptile across a honey-comb wasteland, and you can hold down your left mouse button to sprint. A large screen comes in handy when an area is jam packed with snakes trying to take each other out. Using the mouse can get a bit funky at times (as there is a bit of boost and lag), but for the most part, controls are pretty consistent. I only wish you could use a keyboard as an alternative to the mouse. 

Unless you have a mobile device with a large screen, your finger will get you into trouble more often than not. Although the controls and ability to turn seem much tighter on a mobile device, you lose crucial visibility. When things get chaotic (and I guarantee you, they will) seeing where you can maneuver to get out of harms way is important. 

If you're well on your way to being addicted to, try out both and find what works for you. Deep down, you know your soul's desire is to pop up on that leader board. 

In closing, you can't go wrong with this game. It's easy to pick up, carries the thrill of a PVP, and gives you a chance to compete against your old high-score. As for this gamer, I'm not gonna' stop til I reach the top.

I give this simple delight a 10/10. Slither on.  

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Looking for your next gaming addiction? For being so simple, is sure to keep you hooked.
Reviewed On: PC

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Published Jun. 27th 2016
  • Abbey_3376
    This site is so addictive and i don't recommend it for kids. I know this friend that got so angry that she almost smashed her computer. Talk about angry. See this is what happens. Plus nobody should be hacking because that's cheating and no one like cheaters, also it's not fair.
  • ADAM_4004
  • bugged_7534
    You need to know that on the iPhone and iPad, there are ads that pop up in between games. The ads are sexual in nature. Very frustrating considering this is a kid friendly game. I have not seen any ads on my computer. The ad shows a girl standing next to a guy (who is in the shower). Then you are supposed to decide (for the girl) as to whether or not she should join him in the shower. The other one is 2 girls and they are deciding if they should kiss each other. The ads are for another game in which you can simulate real life, but obviously there is a sexual tone here. So for that reason, I can only give this game a disappointing review.
  • Kat De Shields
    Featured Contributor
    That's no good. When I first started playing on the iphone, there were no ads, so maybe this is recent. I know there still aren't any on the computer.
  • WBHippo
    Literally the lag makes the game so bad, if they can fix lag and make party mode it'd be one of the best games that was ever made.
  • Kat De Shields
    Featured Contributor
    So true, but the lag is part of the challenge! Check out this guide on managing lag:
  • evan_8264
    my name is evan
  • evan_8264
    yellow hi jeff

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