skin gallery, plus how to unlock skins without sharing

A look at all skins and how to unlock them without sharing to Facebook or Twitter. might be the best combination of games ever: classic game Snake and popular browser and mobile PvP cell-munching game

This up and coming cutthroat PvP game takes patience, luck, and practice (we have a nifty tips guide with  to get good at it, but you don't need any of those things to get your hands on the game's ever-growing list of skins!

Are they snakes? Are the worms? Who knows, but you can dress them up. Every game can be made 200% better via cosmetics and is no exception. I personally like to rain terror on unsuspecting snakes with the green and purple skin and the red, white, and green skin--but you'll have your own favorites.

How to unlock skins in makes you use specific names for skins, but is a bit more relaxed: You can currently unlock every skin just by sharing on Twitter or Facebook.

There is one way to get them unlocked without actually sharing, but it's only confirmed to work on the PC-based browser version. Here's how you do it:

  1. Click the 'Share on Facebook' icon at the bottom right of the game's page before clicking 'Play'
  2. Immediately exit the Facebook sharing prompt once it comes up
  3. Ta-da, you have the skins!

See? Super easy, and you don't have to do it each time you want to play in that browser. The game will remember that you clicked the button, which is all that really matters. It's unknown if this works on the iOS and Android versions of, but it's worth a shot.

Current skins

The game's developers have confirmed they will be adding more skins over time and have already added a few since the game launched. We're definitely going to get more, but if you're feeling lazy, here are images of every skin currently available. This list will be updated as new skins are added.


Whew, 22 snake skins! That's all for now. Hopefully we get some more fun skins soon, but not before's lag issues get worked out.

Want to get better at Check out our guides on playing well when the game is lagging, being a better snake, and one unbeatable tail-eating strategy that will change the way you play.

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Published Jul. 26th 2017
  • Lutfi Agisna
    I like this game
  • mark_8440
    Hi my name is Mark & my name is Deadpool in & I want to know how to get all the skins on without sharing Twitter/Facebook on LG tablet
  • nbk_2032
    my name is nbk in
  • nbk_2032
    one is an red alien and a app stores color
  • nbk_2032
    there are two new skins
  • nbk_2032
  • GmodGami
    theres a new orange one with a crystal on its intena
  • noob1337
    Had unlocked skins, used them, then cleared cookies (yes I have adblock) more choice of skins or way to "re-share"
  • paulo_1190
  • RAYMOND _7156
    Au la
  • YouTuberT3Rex
    meooooowww thx for the skins!
  • Emma_2567
    I have tried it on my tablet, dosen't work.
    Thank you for making this website! May you who made it be blessed!
  • vejas
    this is cool game
  • halo_5666
    want more skins
  • Julian_7577
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    want more skins
  • Purplespotts
    Yes it works whoo
  • aisvyadas
  • maurits_7586
  • Armando Garcia
    to get the new skin u r going to have to inspect the element (ctrl-shift c) and then go to console and type setSkin(skin, 25) and then press enter and there u go
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