Amazon Leaks New Legend of Zelda Promo Art, Then Takes It Down

On Sunday, Amazon posted a new promo piece for The Legend of Zelda... and then it disappeared.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Amazon had posted new promo art for the upcoming Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U and NX. Today, the art seems to be gone from Amazon's site

The artwork in question

The promo, which shows Link scaling a cliff surrounded by mountainous scenery, may have been removed because it appeared before Nintendo's E3 conference on Tuesday, which will largely focus on the new Legend of Zelda. Further gameplay footage from the hotly-anticipated gamefirst unveiled at E3 2014, will be shown during the company's livestream Treehouse: Live event. A demo of the game will also be playable at Nintendo's E3 booth. 

Little is currently known about the game except that it is years in the making and will feature non-linear, open-world gameplay that's different from previous Zelda titles. There have also been rumors that Link's female counterpart, Linkle, may make an appearance, though those remain unconfirmed by Nintendo.

Regardless of what new information unfolds at E3, fans will certainly continue to eagerly await this long-anticipated installment in a well-beloved and critically-acclaimed series. 


Published Jun. 14th 2016

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