Divination Should Have Played a Bigger Role in Hogwarts Legacy

Divination practices are alluded to throughout Hogwarts Legacy, but they should have been accessible to players.

While tea leaf reading and other divination practices are mentioned in Hogwarts Legacy, their presence is seriously lacking as they don’t extend very far beyond a cutscene of Divination Class and casual comments made by classmates and professors. With the inclusion of more meaningful cutscenes and practical uses of divination, such as tea leaf reading, Astrology, and crystal balls, Hogwarts Legacy could have captured the magic of the Wizarding World more thoroughly.

Divination practices appear throughout the Harry Potter book series and movie adaptations, serving as the premise of some of the series’ most compelling scenes. One of the most notable examples of divination in the series is the scene in The Prisoner of Azkaban film adaptation, in which Harry receives a particularly unsettling tea leaf reading that depicts the Grim in his own cup.

The symbol of the Grim is a bad omen in the Wizarding World, and while it’s cited on more than one occasion in Hogwarts Legacy, it doesn’t appear in your own character’s story. This was just one missed opportunity to apply an appropriate element of world-building that could have otherwise shown the viability of divination practices and provided us with a broader range of ways to use magic. Here’s how divination could have played a more substantial role in Hogwarts Legacy.

Tea Leaf Reading

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The most practical way that divination could have played a bigger role in Hogwarts Legacy is through tea leaf reading. While the practice could have feasibly served as the basis for a suspenseful cutscene, an even greater purpose for this practice might have resembled potion-brewing, requiring you to grow and harvest tea leaves to brew tea and reveal the current moral path of your character.

Given the subjective nature of this divination practice, its revelations would change based on the choices you’ve made in dialogue and throughout the story. Many players have accidentally chosen dialogue options that led to unwanted outcomes, so a tea leaf reading feature could have been beneficial in Hogwarts Legacy, as it would allow you to make better informed decisions regarding your path as a witch or wizard.

A tea shop called Steepley & Sons is currently located in Hogsmeade, in addition to herbal shops like The Magic Neep and Dogweed and Deathcap. You can also drink tea in various locations throughout Hogwarts Legacy, so this feature could easily have been incorporated in the game.


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The practice of Astrology could have played a highly beneficial role in Hogwarts Legacy by making use of current in-game items, like Zodiac globes, to study the field of Astrology in Divination Class and bestow you with innate talents specific to your Zodiac sign.

Just one or two Astrological talents could easily complement the existing talent-building feature in Hogwarts Legacy without requiring you to spend talent points or upgrade gear. It would also give your character a more unique build that may not be achievable with the current systems in place.

Perhaps Aries individuals have a knack for fire-based spells like Incendio and take less damage from enemies like Inferi, while Scorpios deal more damage with Venomous Tentacula and take less damage from Spiders. Astrological talents like this would not only make sense in Hogwarts Legacy, but they would also personalize your gameplay experience in a more meaningful way.

Professor Shah, who teaches Astronomy in Hogwarts Legacy, urges her students not to confuse her field with Astrology, seemingly discounting the divination practice. Despite this, Astrology memorabilia such as globes depicting the Zodiac signs can be found in the Astronomy Tower, solidifying the divination practice’s rightful place in the Wizarding World and justifying its significance in the lives of witches and wizards.

Crystal Balls

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Crystal balls could have been used to foresee the future or reveal hidden truths of sorts in Hogwarts Legacy. While casting the spell Revelio currently allows you to locate potential enemies and goods within a certain range, crystal balls could have served as tools to foresee what kinds of enemies and items may be present in a designated area, giving you an idea of what to expect upon entering a new or unfamiliar region.

With the inclusion of a feature like this, crystal balls could have been placed throughout the regions surrounding Hogwarts, much like Floo Flames and astronomy tables.

Crystal balls appear in a few places throughout Hogwarts Legacy, most notably in the cutscene of Divination Class, wherein Professor Onai uses one as a tool to foresee the future. Another crystal ball can be found on display outside a shop called Dervish and Banges in Hogsmeade, implying that the use of these items is a common divination practice that seems to have been left out in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hopefully, we will see features like these in any future DLC. For more on spells, combat plants, and talents, check out the rest of our Hogwarts Legacy guides and features.

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Published Mar. 3rd 2023

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