Overmodding Skyrim has its drawbacks

People modding Skyrim need to be careful of overmodding, and not change the core of the game.

With the success of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, players are desperate for Elder Scrolls VI. So, what do they do while they wait? Mod Skyrim. And they have, to many great lengths. Players have gone so in depth with modding their game, that they are essentially making a new game.

There are numerous websites, videos, discussions, and pictures of players modding Skyrim into a better game. It’s not that Skyrim is a bad game; it is the opposite. People love Skyrim so much that they want it to have the graphics and game play meet today’s standards.

Skyrim, including all DLC, is only around 13GB. However, many people have downloaded mods that exceed the size of the game. The best graphics I have seen for Skyrim is from a player named Vexore, who showed off a video on YouTube of his game with over 150GB of mods installed.

I am guilty of modding Skyrim, too. Currently, I have 40 mods installed, and my game looks beautiful and plays great. My mods mainly consist of graphic enhancements and a few tweaks. There are others that have hundreds of mods installed. So, when does it become a problem of overmodding?

Let me tell you what I mean by overmodding. You can play the game with 2 mods or 250, there is no limit. But, when the core game changes, you may not be still playing Skyrim. You could be lost in your own mod universe. It doesn’t matter how many mods you have installed; if you change the game so that Skyrim is lost, you are just playing a mod game.

If you mod the game so much that you end up in a mod universe, then you will be missing out on the adventure of playing one of the greatest games developed. Skyrim is an amazing game, and with mods you can make it better by tweaking it to your liking. But, don’t overdo it. Allow yourself to still enjoy what Bethesda created, and play the game that was intended. Otherwise, you are not giving credit to the developers where it is due.

So, my advice: don’t overmod. If you are new to modding your game, Nexus is a good place to start. But, keep it in check. Allow yourself to still experience the wonderful game of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at its core.


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Published Apr. 26th 2018

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