The Adventures of Pip now available on PS4

The Adventures of Pip is now available on the PS4; which is their third platform release.

The Kickstarted game Adventures of Pip has just released on PlayStation 4 yesterday after many platform requests from fans. When the game was originally set for PC and Wii U, the developers at Tic Toc Games received so much positive feedback and so many requests for a PS4 edition that it was an inevitable addition.

Working with Sony was simple, says devs

Since the community that backed the Adventures of Pip was set on getting a PS4 release, Tic Toc Games went straight to the source at Sony, working close with them to make it a reality. Sony was very generous with their assistance and the Adventures of Pip is now available.

"We always wanted to play Pip on PS4 but we initially didn’t think it would be possible because we didn’t have dev kits. When the community spoke up and really pushed for PS4 support, we knew we at least had to try, so we added PS4 to our stretch goals. Amazingly, Sony reached out to us to assist. We were blown away by their generosity."

- Tic Toc Games

Adorable action-puzzle platformer

When looking at the Adventures of Pip you might feel a wonderful nostalgic essence that reminds you of your favorite games due to the retro feel the embodies Pip.

Being compared to The Legend of Zelda and Dragon Quest in gameplay, you'll feel an action and story presence that is very familiar. The graphics though resemble that of neo-retro games like Starbound and Terraria

If you're not a Sony fan, the Adventures of Pip is also available on Steam and the Wii U eShop for $14.99.

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Published Aug. 19th 2015

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