Fable Fortune finds funding outside of Kickstarter

Flaming Fowl Studios has secured outside funding for the CCG Fable Fortune.

After being launched on May 31, Flaming Fowl Studios has canceled its Kickstarter campaign for Fable Fortune. But in an interesting twist, this cancellation should be cause for celebration, as the developer has found outside funding for in the Fable Legends themed collectible card game. Where the outside funding came from has not yet been specified.

The crowd funding campaign, which was scheduled to finish next week, ended with 1,536 backers and £58,852/$86,321 out of its £250,000/$366,685 goal.

Now that there is solid funding to back them, Flaming Fowl Studios (the remnants of Lionhead Studios) will focus now on releasing a closed beta of the digital card game as soon as possible.

The developer wrote on its crowd funding page:

“We have huge plans for Fortune, and we know, that whatever happens in the future, it all started with our already incredible community.”

With the digital card game market booming, it is no question as to how Fable Fortune was funded. Although there is no release window yet, the developer is planning for a release on Xbox One, PC and mobile.


Published Jun. 21st 2016

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