You'll Never Guess Which Two Characters are Coming to The Witcher Season 2

Reports from a reliable source indicate two major characters from the game and book series are set to arrive, including one rival Witcher!

According to a report from Redanian Intelligence, two fan-favorite characters are now confirmed to appear in the second season of The Witcher on Netflix  and it's not Vesmir (yet), although we're still holding out hope he'll be played by Mark Hamill.

If the report is accurate (and Redanian Intelligence has been right about several Witcher scoops in the past), the character of Lambert will be played by Paul Billion (Peaky Blinders, The Bastard Executioner, Dune).

We can also expect rival Witcher Coën to be played by Yasen Atour (Dark Heart, Strike Back, Young Wallander).

The two characters are expected to appear for at least three episodes of the new season, which will wrap filming in late summer and premiere sometime in 2021.

We've also recently learned of some "course corrections" to take place from the first season, as the shifting timelines will be dropped in favor of a more straightforward narrative. It's additionally been confirmed we will see a change in the armor design of the Nilfgaardian army, which was a point of contention for some fans during the first season.

While waiting for Henry Cavill to return as Geralt of Rivia in Season 2, be on the lookout for an animated Witcher movie to also premiere on Netflix in the meantime.

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Published Feb. 14th 2020

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