IO Interactive Details Free and Paid Hitman 3 Pride Content

Hitman 3's Pride pack is out now, and there's more than just a few new weapons to look forward to.

Hitman 3 Pride is out now, introducing a cache of new and paid content, from escalation contracts to featured targets and more. Pride is available individually for $4.99 or as part of the Hitman 3 7 Deadly Sins pack for $29.99.

We covered the core of the Hitman 3 Pride pack before, but as a refresher, it includes:

  • New Escalation Contract: The Pride Profusion

  • Unlockable Suit: The Narcissus

  • Unlockable Sin-Themed Weapons: The Proud Swashbuckler and The Majestic

As with earlier Hitman 3 new content drops, Pride has a wave of additional content too:

  • Escalation: The Sebastian Principle (May 10)

  • Elusive Target: The Iconoclast (May 12-May 24)

  • Featured Contract: Spawn On Me (May 20)

  • Escalation: The Pascal Consortium (May 27)

  • Featured Contracts: The Hitman Community (June 10)

Finally is a round of free content, including a bonus mission called The Icon, (from May 14 through May 23); plus Paris as a free location (May 28 through June 6); and finally, and a new elusive target (June 4 through June 13). This is just the second of the Hitman 3 7 Deadly Sins, following Greed


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Published May. 10th 2021

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