Interview with the team behind Ludoria: 3D Monster Catching RPG

Ludoria is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux. With your support, it can be released on consoles too!

Ludoria is a 3D monster-catching RPG, much like Pokemon. Though, many people don't know that this game also holds a bit of Minecraft in it, and these two elements are what make up Ludoria.

I was able to get an interview with the main developer of Ludoria, who's Kickstarter is still going. If you want to help out and see this game come to light, then your chance is definitely here. In the game, you take on the role of a tamer who's ultimate goal is to capture, train, and battle with the monsters known as Ludrooms. The game will offer multiple locations to explore. 

Users have said that Ludoria is like Pokémon and Minecraft mixed together and the game definitely looks like it has some elements from both games within it. How are you planning to make these elements work together?

The idea behind Ludoria is to combine both game genres into one seamless experience. Having an open world enhances the idea of monster capturing by giving the players the freedom to explore and find their own adventure path. The voxel aspect of the game makes the world generation more customizable, it allows the random generation of overhangs, caves, and technically anything involving the third dimension. Besides that, players will be able to use building type Ludoroms and create anything they want using voxels.

On the subject of plot, what kind of plot will be introduced to players of Ludoria or will it be more of a "do your own thing" kind of game?

Initially, we are planning on having some sort of quest/plot system implemented. It will guide the players through their journey and provide a story quest to follow. At the same time, players will be able to do their own thing if they don't want to continue with the main story, and instead they can start/cancel any of the complimentary quests that are going to be randomly generated.

After taking a look at the trailer, I saw that players would be able to interact with each other in the game. Can you expand on how multiplayer will work?

Multiplayer in Ludoria is based on a server/client architecture. Every player will be able to host a game-server and invites his friends to play together on the same world. Players will be able to fight bosses, monsters, and have the option to do PVP with each other, trade Ludoroms and exchange items.

Finally, does "Ludoria" have any special meaning behind it? How did you guys come up with the name?

Actually, we have spent a lot of time trying to come up with an adequate name and it was ridiculously hard! we finally combined two words, Ludo, similar to Ludus, means "game" or "to play" in Latin, and Ria just because it sounded right

One can only wonder how the world will interact and work with Minecraft's sandbox elements and Pokemon's elements combined. As the game's development progresses, Ludoria's world grows.

Ludoria is being made for consoles and PC alike, so check out the Kickstarter campaign if you are interested.

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Published Sep. 14th 2015

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