The 20 cult video games you need to play before you die

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'Splosion Man

'Splosion Man is 2.5D action platformer by Twisted Pixel Games for the Xbox 360.

'​Splosion Man is created by the laboratory Big Science. He is completely made of explosive material. The purpose is to "splode" through the levels of puzzles, traps, and enemies to escape. A splode is a jump which is used to kill enemies, demolish walls, detonate explosive barrels or even trigger other surrounding effects.

Why you should play

'Splosion Man offers a hefty amount of single-player and 4-player cooperative levels (local or online). Its humor, originality, and simplicity is what makes this classic great. The controls are easy as pie I might add, so there's no difficult combinations to remember. The puzzles are cleverly designed to constantly add new mechanics to the players. It can be challenging but never to the point of frustration or boredom; it's fun. There are so many references to the 1980's that you are sure to be engaged in nostalgic fun.

Published Aug. 16th 2015
  • KonstantinMKD
    Bonus points for Psychonauts!!!
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    A good list of games, however I wouldn't say Portal, Limbo or Amnesia are cult. Cult is generally something which wasn't loved at the time, but had some die hard fans. After some time all people love it (well a lot of people). Think Labyrinth or The Crow.

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