The 20 cult video games you need to play before you die

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a first person survival horror available on PC, Mac, and Linux. It is a game about immersion, discovery, and living through a nightmare made by Frictional Games.

If you are in the darkness too long, witness unsettling events, or stare at monsters, this will reduce Daniel's sanity (which needs to be maintained). If not kept in check, you are in for hallucinations that draw the attention of the monsters. Not fun at all!

Why you should play

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the scariest survival horror games I have played on PC. Its thick atmosphere is terrifying. I love how well the gameplay is crafted. The scares are horrific and memorable. The story unfolds slowly to its unsettling climax. In my opinion it is a must-play, you do not know what you're missing.

Published Aug. 16th 2015
  • KonstantinMKD
    Bonus points for Psychonauts!!!
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    A good list of games, however I wouldn't say Portal, Limbo or Amnesia are cult. Cult is generally something which wasn't loved at the time, but had some die hard fans. After some time all people love it (well a lot of people). Think Labyrinth or The Crow.

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