The six best games to play with family this 2015 holiday season

5. Trivial Pursuit Live

Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3

For a lot of families, playing the Trivial Pursuit board game is one those festive traditions that just won’t go away, like a rarely-seen uncle who enjoys spouting mildly-racist rhetoric. But instead of squeezing round the table and accusing relatives of looking at the answers, why not try the digital version of the popular game that puts a modern twist on the classic format.

Instead of being a direct copy of the tabletop version, Trivial Pursuit Live is presented in a quiz-show style. It contains a varied question pool, which means you shouldn’t get asked the same question twice, and features adaptable difficulty levels for younger players (and those who aren’t great at this kind of game).

There are several different types of mini-game available, and you can play locally or try some online games (although it can be hard to find other people).

The multimedia elements are what set this version apart from the physical incarnation of Trivial Pursuit; images, audio and interactive group questions combine to make this an ideal family video game.  

Published Nov. 24th 2015

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