The Best Video Game Character Theme Medley You'll Hear All Day

YouTube user and musician FamilyJules7x brings you the 10 video game character themes, voted for by the community, and it's wonderful.

There's nothing quite like good video game music.  Whether it's grand and epic in scale like the Final Fantasy series, or a simple yet catchy theme like those found in Shovel Knight, music can make or break your gaming experience.  YouTube user and musician FamilyJules7x has been taking the best music in games and breathing new life into them via guitar medleys for years.  His most recent upload -- a medley of the top 10 character themes voted for by the community -- continues the trend of being pretty darn incredible:

Recreating themes from games like Chrono Trigger, Street Fighter, and The Legend of Zelda, FamilyJules7x pulls from all parts of the musical spectrum in this video.  As a result, he has created, in my opinion, one of the best video game medleys I've heard in my life -- and definitely the best one you'll hear all day.  

FamilyJules7x has opened voting for the next medley he'll be working on: Top 10 video game battle themes.  If you love a particular battle theme and want to experience it in a whole new way, leave a comment on the video above with your theme of choice, followed by #BT, and cross your fingers it makes the cut.


Published Apr. 4th 2016

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