Arcane Saga Beta Testing Has Begun, Lasts Until Sunday

Let's see just how much you've changed, friend.

Arcane Saga is one of the few MMOs I'm looking forward to this year. Not because blind hype, but because I played the game before when it was named Prius Online. The game closed a mere year after launch, with publisher gPotato running the game into the ground themselves with a terrible localization and mishandling PvP exploits.

Development studio Netmarble nabbed the rights for an international release themselves earlier this year, and have since been revamping several of the game's systems to be up to par with the Korean client. I can't speak on the exact changes just yet.

The beta has officially started as of 6PM PDT last night, and will be open to all registered Netmarble users until 12AM PDT, Sunday. It will be open 24 hours a day during this time.

The official site has some information on the game, but for the time being it looks like those interested will have to rely on word of mouth and trying it out for themselves. I will be checking the game out later today to see if Arcane Saga really is going to be an improvement over Prius Online.

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Published May. 11th 2013
  • Zylia
    Oh I'm in it right now, once I get my brain wrapped around the new changes I play on writing up so very detailed ( and generally positive ) posts on the game.

    Just be warned former Prius players, this new "job" system causes the game to play very differently so it takes some adjusting to.
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    I spent a good amount of time in-game today (and will be logging back
    in after I'm done working here!) and it did indeed take a long time to
    get used to the changes. I'm not sure whether they're for the best or
    not, but I'm not about to jump to conclusions.

    I assume Netmarble is at least getting it up to K-Prius, but I don't know
    what the build they're on is like now. It's been a long time since I've
    even had to think about the game.

    For now, the combat is very fun as it's always been, and combo
    creation is very nice. It just feels like you level too quickly, and the
    changes from the old starting areas and towns to the new ones are
    much bigger than I expected.

    Hopefully we'll see some heft quality of life changes come the next
    beta phase. I miss Prius so much..
  • Zylia
    It looks like (yes I've been stalking their forums ) they are listening to people. Gigas will be in later and anima will be updated to be more involved. I hope we get the atrium back too because I miss my little faux housing.

    This game won't match with K-Prius from what I understand and apparently the levelling starts to normalize around 30.

    The whole job thing, I love getting all the skills I will need at the start, I think once they give healers/tanks some dps skills, it will be 100% awesome.

    I really enjoyed Prius when it was out, I just feel like it was often treated like a red-headed stepchild by Gpot so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this incarnation will get the love it needs from the developers.

    Yes I've been way into my whole 2 days of beta haha.
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    I think the thing I miss most of all from old Prius here in Arcane Saga, aside from the Atrium and the Anima interactions, is the skill trees. The fact that you get all of your skills up front with a class and have full control over your combos is really nice, but the old skill trees were so great. It feels like there is a bit less customization with the current system.

    I've been stalking the forums as well, and it is good to see Netmarble paying attention to the game -- not so nice to see the ex-Prius players complaining, though! The changes to the old systems aren't necessarily bad, but they're just such a huge change from what the old playerbase were expecting that they're disappointed.

    What's confusing about how gPot handled Prius, is why they bothered to license and halfway localize the game in the first place. So much was left half-translated, customer service was nil, and they messed up SO BAD when the PvP exploit became widespread. Why localize a game at all if you're going to run it into the ground yourself, you know?
  • Sanghee
    As a former Prius player I really sympathize with a lot of the complaints. I do think it's unfair for players to say ALL the changes are bad and they want the old Prius back in its original form. That's an unrealistic expectation and just shows that those people are unwilling to accept any changes, giving the devs no incentive to listen to their opinions. But there are some changes that need to be made or else the game will not last, in my opinion. One key change that would greatly improve Arcane Saga would be to bring back the old skill system (perhaps keeping the combo system, which is a very good system). Animas and gigas need to be fixed too, but they've already announced they are going to be doing that. I think if OBT comes around and there isn't significant changes to the job/skill system, a lot of players will be disappointed. But I'm not one of the people who wants the old version back. So many of the changes really improve the game, such as more dungeon runs and easier access to new quests and the combo system. I actually miss having to level my anima's tame in order to get the good mounts (it shows others how much time I spent and allowed me to further connect with my anima) but I do understand why they made the change for allowing everyone to tame any mount without leveling the anima skill.
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    I go pretty deep into the changes, as well as my qualms with the game in this article:

    It's not so much that Arcane Saga isn't Prius, it's that the game feels like so much was ripped out and so little was tacked on to try to replace it.

    My biggest qualms with the build we had available last week, was the job system and the gutting of areas/lop-sided leveling. It seems like Netmarble has the right idea, but it was very poorly implemented in CB. The job system in particular is a bit of a slap to the face, considering old Prius's robust job system.

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