How to Get Coins in Pokemon Go

How do Pokecoins work in post-update Pokemon Go? Here's the answer!

Pokemon Go's new Gym update has been out for a while now, and with it comes changes the game's gyms, the new raid system, and the way you earn Pokecoins in this popular mobile title.

Previously, earning Pokecoins was based on a 24-hour cycle of tapping a button to collect them for having a Pokemon in a Gym. But now, your Pokemon will bring the amount of Pokecoins it's earned back to you once it leaves the Gym.

Instead of gaining a set amount just by having any Pokemon in a Gym, now Pokecoins are earned by how long your Pokemon stays in a Gym -- at the rate of one coin per every ten minutes your Pokemon defends the Gym. And you can only earn up to 50 Pokecoins a day. This means that, with just one Pokemon in a gym, you should be aiming to keep your lone Pokemon there for around 8 hours to get as many Pokecoins as you can. If you're using two, you'll need to keep both in there for about 4 hours, and so on and so forth.

The way you keep Pokemon in Gyms has also changed. Instead of training in Gyms and making them lose and gain prestige points, now your Pokemon have individual motivation bars. Over time, Pokemon slowly lose motivation, and their motivation drops drastically when they lose a battle. When their motivation hits zero, they'll scurry home to their trainers, bringing their earned loot with them.

In order to keep Pokemon in gyms long enough to earn your share of Pokecoins, you'll need to make regular visits to the gym and feed your little guys. With this new system in place, the best way to max out your daily Pokecoins is to either grab gyms that change hands daily, or to make repeated visits to a more active gym to make sure everyone keeps their morale up for the length of time you need them to.

As a bonus tip, while you're feeding your own Pokemon, you might want to feed other players' Pokemon too. If you're lucky, feeding them might earn you some candy for a rare Pokemon. So overall, keep your Pokemon happy and well-fed at Gyms daily, and you'll be able to watch the Pokecoins roll in.

That wraps up this guide! Check out the rest of our Pokemon Go guides for more help with this augmented reality mobile game!


Published Jul. 5th 2017

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