4 Awesome video games we'd never want to have happen in real life

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"Wouldn't it be nice..."

Occasionally a game comes along that wows us with a cool, groundbreaking feature. It not only gives the game a unique feel, but challenges us to think about our gameplay in a novel way.

These ideas are so awesome, so iconic, we can't help but think, "wouldn't life be better if I had that?"

As is the case with many great ideas, the reality is much more complicated. Some useful inventions in games would actually be horrific nightmares in real life. We've put together a few of these games here.

Note: We're avoiding generally dystopian or post-apocalyptic games in this list, since it's pretty clear having anything from those games come true would be pretty awful. We're aiming for concepts that have at least a slim probability of happening in the real world.


Published Oct. 24th 2015

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