How to Get Awesome Sponsors in DiRT 4

Besides winning events, nabbing an awesome sponsor contract is one the best ways to earn money in DiRT 4.

One of the triumphs of the Colin McRae Rally series -- and its latest iteration, DiRT 4 -- is the sheer number of modes and options to utilize beyond just random free play events.

Besides the obvious ones like buying and tinkering with your car, DiRT 4 will have you hiring team members, buying and upgrading buildings, and even juggling sponsorships from various companies for maximum earning potential.

Players new to the system will be left wondering -- how do you get the best sponsors, and what do you need to do for the biggest payouts?

Getting New Sponsors In DiRT 4

The available roster of sponsors actually rotates out randomly over time. But some will only appear after winning events, so check the sponsorship screen regularly after finishing any events.

There's an important caveat to remember while browsing offers -- you can't have two sponsors who are in the exact same business due to the conflict of interest. For instance, two tire companies aren't going to sponsor you at the same time, even though there may be two or more tire companies in the list of offers.

As a new player, you only have one single sponsor slot when you first start. If you want more than one sponsor at a time, you have to upgrade the Sponsor building and hire a PR agent team member in the Hire Staff screen.

Eventually access opens up to six sponsors at once, meaning you will have more opportunities to earn money for upgrades and new cars.

 Hiring Staff

Sponsor Rewards

Winning events while under a sponsor contract results in a payout above and beyond the normal credits reward. There's more money to be earned though! After nabbing a sponsor, don't forget to check your targets list.

Completing targets during an event -- such as completing in a certain time, not damaging your car, and so on -- makes your sponsor happier with you, and results in bonuses for higher payouts.

Besides providing payouts and bonuses, sometimes after a spectacular event win you'll get a notification of a special offer from a sponsor. These don't appear in the normal sponsor contract screen, but are instead an offer to use a loaned vehicle in the next event.

 Browsing Sponsor Offers

Choosing The Best Sponsors

Every sponsor available has an offer quality, which is determined by contract length, rewards for winning events, and your starting relationship with that sponsor.

Here's where you need to look at the fine print carefully to pick the best sponsor: look closely at the contract length! There's no ability to re-negotiate that contract -- so once it's up, it's up, and you'll have to wait for the sponsor to rotate back into the list of available sponsors to sign with them again.

Because of the how the contract system works and the random nature of which sponsors are available, it's usually a better idea to pick a sponsor with a longer contract. You will end up with more money in the long run that way.

So how exactly do you get the most awesome DiRT 4 sponsors available with the best contracts? There are two facilities you need to build to maximize your sponsorship opportunities: Sponsorship (duh) and Logistics.

Upgrading Logistics increases the starting quality level of the offers currently available, and having a PR Agent team member increases the quality and number of sponsors who will make offers.

Finally, don't forget that sponsors want to be seen! They don't just give you things for free, and expect you to advertise for them. To increase your relationship, make sure to wash your car when it's serviced so spectators can see their decals on your car. High relationship means more money, so it's worth it!

  Upgrading Facilities

That's all you need to know to get the sponsors! Be sure to check out the rest of our DiRT 4 guides to get ahead of the curve in this new racer, from earning every trophy to understanding pace notes.

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Published Jun. 15th 2017

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