Xbox One Now A Streaming Device

Xbox One Streaming to PC and Tablets

If you haven't gotten enough of video games and streaming devices, don't hold your breath because Microsoft's throwing their hat into the arena.

Well, not really.

At Microsoft's Windows 10 event, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will stream games directly to your PC and tablets.

This is a rather strange turn from the typical streaming devices that are now out on the market. Rather than hosting a game on a PC and streaming it to the device, Microsoft is having the Xbox One be the host and streaming the game to the PC or tablet.

Anyone Xbox One user can stream their Xbox One games to a PC or tablet running Windows 10 through Microsoft's Windows 10 Xbox app.

Hardcore PC advocates probably have some aversion to the idea of running video games on possibly weaker hardware, but this announcement means big things for PC gaming, such as playing Xbox One games with keyboard and mouse, or cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC becoming a big thing.

We can only hope for these sorts of things once Microsoft rolls out Windows 10.


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Published Jan. 23rd 2015

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