Episodic Game of Thrones Video Game Series in Development

HBO and Telltale games will be releasing an episodic Game of Thrones video game someone before the end of 2014.

Telltale Games and HBO announced last year that they were developing an episodic video game series based on the popular and critically-acclaimed HBO television series Game of Thrones. But other than that, very little information has trickled down from the heavens about development of this new title.

Lately, word has come down from above that HBO and Telltale games are planning to release the first episode of Game of Thrones sometime near the end of 2014. 


According to information on the news wire, Game of Thrones will include five playable characters from one of the families in the original television series. Beyond this, there are only rumors about the way the video game will unfold. The writers of the episodes will need versatility and talent, though, to break a story up into five characters,

“In Game of Thrones we’re taking that multi-protagonist design even further with five playable characters from the same family whose choices affect everyone in the family, and that adds a whole new layer to things that we’re really excited about.” 

- Senior VP of publishing Steve Allison to IBTimes UK

There's only two months left in the year, so expect to see screenshots and other content released for Game of Thrones from Telltale Games and HBO. Gamers around the world and lovers of the original television series are anticipating a great adventure. Hopefully, this partnership pulls it off and creates a video game for the ages.  


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Published Nov. 2nd 2014

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