Gotta Drink 'Em All! Cocktails for #010 Caterpie through #018 Pidgeot

#011: Metapod

Your Caterpie has evolved into a Metapod! Congratulations. As a nod to the Pokemon's signature move, we're going to make this drink a lot harder.

In more ways than one.

So remember that tea mixture from earlier? Throw it in an ice tray-- preferably one that allows for large cubes. If you feel so inclined, add some rosemary to the ice as well. 

To prepare the Metapod, add the ice to a rocks glass, and pour the vodka over it. Yes, this drink is intense, but persevere. In time, Metapod's defenses will weaken, and the flavors of the ice cube will seep into the vodka, giving the drink added depth. The way the flavors blend and mature make this drink very different from the Caterpie, believe it or not, so definitely try it out!


Pour 1.5 oz vodka over a large cube of tea-and-rosemary ice.

Published May. 26th 2016

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