Remembering the 360: The Must-Have Xbox Exclusives

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Like few consoles before it, the Xbox 360 managed to redefine gaming to a growing generation of gamers. It did the unfathomable — the impossible. It managed to completely change the way games were meant to be played.

It wasn't just about the single player experience anymore. The Xbox 360 successfully connected us all to one another. It was the first console that really pioneered the multiplayer experience.

And with it came:

  • online achievements
  • virtual avatars
  • a direct messaging system
  • and an online store

It's a sad day indeed, when one of the generation's most defining consoles comes to an end. But it was bound to happen eventually. The 360's legacy will live on in the future consoles that follow.

Rest in peace, Xbox 360. You'll be missed.

Published Apr. 20th 2016

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