10 Scary Games That Aren't Slender or Outlast

The Silent Hill  franchise, while varying in quality (in my opinion), is an excellent option for gamers looking for a scare. Obviously, the graphics quality will improve as you move down the line (the first was made in 1999), but the experiences they offer are definitely one of a kind.

Silent Hill focuses on a different player character from installment to installment...

  • a man looking for a missing loved one (the first and second, Homecoming)
  • a teenager tied to a cult (the third)
  • a man locked in his apartment (the Room)
  • a man who saves a girl from a burning building (Origins)
  • a prisoner stranded on Silent Hill (Downpour)

Shattered Memories is more of a redo of the first game and isn't an actual installment in the series; The HD Collection is a rerelease of the second and third titles; Book of Memories was developed for Vita and was the first to explore Silent Hill from a bird's eye view, and to include multiplayer.

Hint: The movies are not adequate replacements for the games. Especially the second film.

  • Jump Scare Rating (Overall): 8
  • Environmental Scare Rating (Overall): 9

Silent Hill: Homecoming is the only title available on Steam. The rest (nine titles total) can be found on Amazon for PC, PS/2/3/Portable, and Xbox 360.

Published Mar. 12th 2014

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