Lego Worlds' latest Early Access patch goes underwater, adds more features

Lego Worlds' latest patch doesn't just fix bugs and improve existing gameplay; it also brings a wealth of new content to explore - underwater.

The latest patch for LEGO Worlds - LEGO's answer to Minecraft - is about to get a huge update. Along with the typical fixes for glitches and bugs that come with patches to our favorite games, this patch introduces some new content that is sure to keep users coming back to explore Worlds even more.

The biggest news for this update is the new underwater content. Characters can explore the depths of the sea via submarine - or with a character that can breathe underwater (or that doesn't breathe at all). And, like all other places in Worlds, you can build beneath the waves, too.

For ease of exploration and better gameplay, the developers at TT Games are also including a zoomable map in this update, which gives the player the ability to add waypoints. The map can be turned off as well, for those who don't wish to use that feature.

With underwater exploration coming, what other new environments would you want to explore in future patches?

A new tracking camera mode will be added as well, along with a camera item that allows gamers to take snapshots of their favorite in-game creations to share with their friends.

The folks at TT Games are hesitant to offer a date for the release of this next Lego Worlds patch, but they insist it's coming "soon." The game is still in Early Access beta on Steam, so more content and improvements can likely be expected in patches to come.

For a complete list of the fixes and features to be added in this patch, check out the game's Steam page here.

Excited for the underwater content? What other environments would you like to see added to the game? Give us your thoughts in the comments!


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Published Aug. 10th 2015

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