Google Is Testing Play Pass, a Google Play Subscription Service

Google moves one step closer to launching its mobile subscription service as a rival to Apple's already-announced subscription plan.

The folks over at Android Police recently reported that Google is working on testing its new Google Play subscription service called Play Pass. The information came via reader-submitted screenshots explaining the service, and Android Police then confirmed the images with a Google representative.

Google's Play Pass would present users with a 10-day free trial, after which point the subscription would cost $4.99 (plus tax) per month. According to the Play Pass information page, the subscription grants access to "hundreds of premium apps and games," all without download fees, in-app purchases, and advertisements.

Whether no in-app purchases means games included won't offer microtransactions or will somehow have them disabled isn't certain.

Like the Apple Arcade pass announced earlier this year, the Play Pass is serious when it mentions the offerings are "curated" and premium. Some of the games shown include Marvel Pinball and the Android version of Stardew Valley. The information page also states the apps will range from puzzle games to music apps, so there's apparently a lot on offer.

Unlike the Apple Arcade, however, it isn't clear yet whether the Play Pass will have exclusives or if it's restricted to Android phones only; the Apple Arcade can be used on iPads and other smart devices.

There will also be a family plan of some kind, but it doesn't seem like it's included in the current test round.

Mobile gaming is still big business, as Pokemon GO's recent milestones show. However, the market has changed from what it was back when mobile gaming seemed like it could take over traditional gaming.

Sony's PlayStation 4 has shipped more than 100 million units to almost eclipse the Wii, while the Nintendo Switch is on a fast track to the same destination, but possibly in a shorter period of time.


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Published Aug. 1st 2019

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