The Top 5 Reasons I Love Video Games

Video games can be ridiculous, but that's why I love them!

Alright. So I've written a lot of critical articles so far about gaming and have gotten some incredible responses. Today, I want to talk about what I think are the Top 5 most hilarious things about games. These also happen to be among my Top 10 favorite things about video games. 

1. When characters glitch

My favorite moment was when a game (I don't remember what it was called) glitched mid-wink and essentially this guy was twitching until I forced the game to end. It was fantastic!

Then there was Looney Tunes: Space Race. My brother and I traded in one of our older games for a used copy. Fantastic game, but our copy glitched like nobody's business. So, of course, I was racing as Yosemite Sam one day and flipped or crashed or fell off the track or something and I ended up stuck upside down in the track.

So basically, my little stubby legs were waving around while my brother lapped me repeatedly. Normally, I'd expect to be frustrated... But who could watch those tiny legs wave around and laugh? 

2. Catch phrases

Hilarious. Just hilarious. I have nothing more to say.

3. Bosses

Seriously. Boss characters. (Clarification: I mean final boss characters.) I hate that they can kill my character with one monstrous hit, but seriously. Maybe I just don't take it seriously enough, but boss characters just crack me up. I'm not saying that they aren't fantastic. I think they're great. I just find them funny. 

They are always too fast. Or too slow. Or too scary. Or absurdly small. Or just plain ridiculous in the best way possible.

4. Saving generic characters as objectives

These characters are self-destructive. They basically do the absolute wrong thing at every turn. It's crazy how good they are at being wrong. And they lack all survival skills...

Okay. Those are a bit overstated, but the characters are pretty bad. But that's what makes them great! Laughably bad objectives is one of my favorite parts of a video game.

5. Armor is optional. All time favorite

Example: Champions: Return to Arms.

It seems like I talk about this game a lot, but that's probably because it is one of my absolute favorite games of all time... for that matter, I really just love all of the Champions games as well as Baldur's Gate. But that's beside the point.

I still remember the day I figured out that I could take off all of the armor my character was wearing and run around with my giant two-handed battle ax. I'm pretty sure I ran around for a solid ten minutes dying repeatedly just because it was fun to see how many enemies I could kill before I was annihilated. Yeah, I'm the dork who sits there making my character run around in circles nearly naked while providing my own soundtrack of Wees and cackling.

But, seriously, if you have never done that then you aren't living life to the fullest.  

But that's enough of my favorites...

Tell me what your Top 5 are in the comments below!


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Published Jun. 24th 2013

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