A Link Between Worlds Timeline Placement Confirmed

The Zelda timeline has finally been confirmed to allocate the new game - A Link Between Worlds. Check out for more details!

Many of us Zelda fans have been disheveled by the crazy timeline brought on by the release of Skyward Sword a few years ago. Although this game series can be as crazy as keeping up with Star Wars, I think we'll have an easier time now that Nintendo of America on Twitter has confirmed the placement for A Link Between Worlds on the growing Zelda timeline.

What is the timeline?

If we are true in assuming the Nintendo of America Twitter account knows what they're doing, this timeline should give us a great example to see how A Link Between Worlds works in the Zelda franchise.

On the timeline, A Link Between Worlds is placed after Link's Awakening, with A Link to the Past before Link's Awakening. As a Zelda fanatic, this confuses me a bit since I thought A Link Between Worlds was supposed to be more related to A Link to the Past.

What else did the tweet say?

The tweet also gave out some great information on the differences/similarities between A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds. Although they are similar in ways, you'll be playing a whole new game when you pick up A Link Between Worlds, now available.

Feel out of the Zelda-loop?

If you feel as though you don't know too much about A Link Between Worlds, or have difficulty with the newly released game, you can check out the guide on GameSkinny. There is also an available first 20-minutes of the game if you feel like testing the waters and seeing how the game is. Lastly, you can even spoil some of the game by viewing this Q&A to see what the game really has.

To those of you gamers who are currently playing A Link Between Worlds, good luck! I'll be joining you shortly after I sort out the 'lack of a 3DS' problem. Maybe I'll even pick up the A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL. Who knows? But the game is on.

What do you think about this timeline? Comment below!

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Published Nov. 27th 2013

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