Miss Devil May Cry as much as I do? Maybe these games will help.

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I miss Devil May Cry a lot. I miss juggling enemies with a wide variety of weapons, barely dodging attacks and trying to find openings, that rocking soundtrack getting me in the fighting mood, and balancing all of that with not only the charismatic Dante and company, but also a grading system that motivated me to play the stages over and over again. There hasn’t been a new main entry game in over eight years, barring the remastered version of DMC4. And while the rebooted DmC: Devil May Cry went well with critics, it split the fan-base, and there doesn’t seem to be a sequel for it even after all these years. And I didn't like the direction it went anyway.

There are also only rumors for now about a new Devil May Cry game, with nothing else to back it up. Even the father of Devil May Cry, Hideki Kamiya, had wanted to make a game where Dante and Bayonetta teamed up together. But there’s only so much teasing and wishing that can happen before someone eventually wants to scratch that inner devil and make themselves cry with difficulty. So here are some games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta that will hopefully satisfy that urge. I won’t mention Bayonetta howeve,r since it’s likely you are already playing that, like I am! If not, I definitely recommend both games.

So let’s rock, baby! These are five games similar to Devil May Cry!

Published Jun. 13th 2016

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