Miss Devil May Cry as much as I do? Maybe these games will help.

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3. Muramasa: Rebirth

Now if you want a much faster Odin Sphere-like game (art style at least), look no further than this! In Muramasa, you play as two different characters with different storylines, and eventually different endings. While I only ever completed one of the story modes, I can certainly tell you that playing this on normal mode is no easy feat. Enemies hit hard and fast, you have limits as to when you can recover health, and your swords can even break temporarily. The game revolves around you jumping, dashing, and rolling about to achieve high combos to dispatch foes. Each sword is not just useful for their overall attack power, but in special moves that you can pull off as well. Some are ability boosts, and others can be useful techniques to hit multiple foes!

But these do come at the price of your sword’s durability, which works like MP and drains more when you block attacks. At that point, that particular sword is unable to be used temporarily. Luckily you can switch between three swords, and they are classified as two types: short and long. Short blades are naturally faster, while long swords are stronger, and both perform a bit differently -- especially depending on which character you are focusing on. In order to recover durability, you would need to use other swords, so it’s even more important to keep switching and upgrading weapons.

The game does have a much easier mode in case the main game becomes too hard...which is what I eventually had to downgrade to due to sucking hard. Make no mistake, you cannot and should not let your guard down for even a microsecond. With a ton of swords to collect, two stories to go through, and even more characters to play as via DLC, Muramasa is certainly a game worthy to be considered by DMC fans! It's only available on the Vita and Wii -- but I recommend the Vita version, as it's an updated version and the only one with the DLC.

Published Jun. 13th 2016

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