Battlefield 4 tips: Be The Best Damn Jet Pilot You Can Be

A guide to help you become a killer in a jet on the battlefield.

Following our series of tips for Battlefield 4, I am here to weigh in and help those having trouble with the jet. The jet is the toughest aspect of the game as I have seen some complain about. Our journey shall begin now with this guide.

The basics

If there is one basic tip I can give you to keep in mind at all times, it is to never stay in a straight line. Even if you are not in a dog fight, maneuver, make sure you are moving. When moving in a straight line even for five seconds you give any engineer the easy shot with a rocket launcher or lock-on launcher. Try practicing some 360 degree "barrel rolls" in the air until you get the hang of the maneuvers.

(Note: Do not use the boost unless you are trying to evade an enemy jet)

You move well, now it's time to analyze the weapons..

The best weapons to use are the Heat Seekers and then chain the primary gun in bursts at the tail of a jet or a ground vehicle. If you are in a dog fight and are the pursuer, make sure you are aiming at least a second ahead of the nose of the jet. Make sure you never fire the gun full-auto, unless you have already gotten a notification of "vehicle disabled". A trick to use with the heat seeker is to never fire both rockets at the same time.

Fire one in the event  the enemy uses their flares, make sure to use the brakes and use third person view to expect the other jet's movement. Once you have a better shot at the enemy feel free to fire away. The best gun to use with the Stealth jet is the 30 mm cannon which requires a jet score of 24,000, which is a canon with a higher rate of damage more effective against aircraft and any armored vehicle. Don't stay in overpopulated areas or else you will most likely fail more often than succeed in the match.

If the controls are not to your liking

If the default Battlefield 4 vehicle button controls are not to your liking, you can always change them in the settings area. If you are a veteran from Battlefield 3, the setting to change to back to that style is the Veteran setting. The Veteran setting is the easiest to use. To those who do not know the scheme: (Xbox: Fire weapon; Left Bumper, Accelerate; Right Trigger, Brake; Left Trigger, To switch from the primary and secondary weapons; Y button, to use counter-measures; press up on the D-Pad and to eject, you press the X button.) 

PlayStation is the same, with its respective buttons. I do not know the PC controls as I do not have a PC powerful enough to properly run the game. The controls may seem difficult at first, but once you use them more you will get used to them.

I have taught you all I know

With Battlefield 4, you get the additional mode, "test range". The test range allows you to practice and better your piloting to get you ready for facing actual opponents. Test range could, in fact, be the one major resource to help you with your skills. If you get the hang of flying and like using the test range, you can even practice trick flying.

The end of the battle

Well that is the end of this tip guide, be sure to check out this video of some stealth jet gameplay. If you liked this article, be sure to share it with all of your battlefield friends and they can get tips on jets as well! If you would like tips on any other in-game content, please feel free to leave a comment down below and let me know what you need help with!


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Published Mar. 8th 2014
  • Benjamin_7162
    This guide has some obvious omissions. The first is weapons. In the stealth jet the 20 mm cannon (default) is best for air to air engagements. All cannons have similar time to kill (TTK) but the 20 mm has faster projectiles and does bonus damage vs helicopters. Only use the 30 mm if you are going against ground vehicles, and use the 25 mm if you are going against air, but want some splash damage.

    As for missiles. Heatseekers are the easiest weapon to use; but they are not the best. Most pilots prefer Active Radar. Which are also fire and forget, but do not require lock to be acquired. Of course the hidden jem in the AA missiles is the Passive Radar missile. The big advantage of the Passive Radar is that they are a lock-on missile, which can be fired before the lock is acquired. Meaning that they are a lock-on missile which can be used for longer engagement distances. They can also reacquire lock if broken by countermeasures.

    The attack profiles for all these missiles is different. Heatseekers are your basic lock-fire-flair-relock-fire attack profile. They are fire and forget, so they are best for when you can't hold a pursuit for long periods of time. Active Radar can be very nasty when the opponent is not quick enough with their countermeasures, but, when fired at distances greater than 600 m can be "prayer missiles". Inside 600 m you just put your nose on the target and fire...

    On the receiving end each of these missiles will sound different. Heatseekers have an acquiring, then lock, then critical tone. Most pilots wait for critical tone before using countermeasures. If you flair too soon, the enemy will just save their missiles and reacquire lock. Active Radar will only give critical tone, and you will only have seconds to react.

    The Passive Radar are perhaps one of the most difficult missiles to master; but very rewarding when done properly. They are commonly used in a similar attack profile to Heatseekers, but require the lock to be maintained. This means you need to have an effective pursuit, and so is better for more experienced pilots.

    Though, the biggest advantage of Passive Radar is their pre-firing ability. Unlike heatseekers, Passive Radar can be fired BEFORE lock. Which allows the missiles to travel the distance without tone alerting your opponent. A typical long range attack profile on a fairly static target is to release two missiles at 840 and 830 target distance respectively. At 600 distance lock is acquired, and the missiles (which have already had some flight time) will impact only a fraction of a second later.

    On the receiving end they will hear acquiring tone (just like any normal heetseeker), but instead of lock tone, they will get critical tone. Depending on how good you are with missile timing they might only get half a second of critical tone before missile strike. Most pilots can't react quickly enough to deploy countermeasures in this time. So this can give you a very fast 78 HP critical hit at 600 distance. Outright killing damaged opponents, and still allowing plenty of air time for a follow up gun attack.

    The next thing you need to cover is turning speeds and speed control. The answer to this is simple. Jets will naturally increase speed to full throttle, and at these speeds they will have moderate turning rates. throttling back to a speed of exactly 312 will give the maximum turning rate. Going below this speed will reduce turn rates and bring the aircraft into a stall (making you a sitting duck). Using afterburner increases speed, diving to lower altitude increases speed, and climbing to higher altitude decreases it. The trick with good turning is to maintain an optimum turning speed during out of horizontal plane manoeuvres. Vertical loops require constant change in throttle control to maintain 312 airspeed.

    I have 20 hours in jets, and there are lots of better pilots than me. But this is my advice.
  • Dido_6268
    Dafaq is this shit guide lol heat seekers for noobs who can't fking aim, always use 20mm for df and I can't fking believe he didn't mention speed control lmao
  • Si_W
    I have never managed flying in BF, only cut out for ground pounding...
  • Delta Squad Reaper
    I only use jets in Air Superiority, otherwise I stay on the ground.
  • matt_3248
    If this is "all you know", you are in no way qualified to write a jet guide. Heatseekers? Lolz.
  • Delta Squad Reaper
    1) "Lolz"? What are you, a hipster? 2) Since when did someone become qualified by a nobody's opinion? 3) If you think you're qualified, please, make that your first post. 4) Start posting before you criticize. 5) Have a nice day troll. :)
  • Si_W
    There is no need for this...
  • Delta Squad Reaper
    It's all good. I've just been easily irritated today.

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