Top 5 Horror Games that Don't Depend on Jumpscares

2. Bloodborne

Bloodborne isn't just an RPG: It can also be considered a horror game. And that is for a good reason. The game has 'horror' written all over it. The wretched beasts that roam the streets of a cursed city, the hideous, nightmarish bosses that you overcome to survive and of course, the creepy victorian landscape. 

Just take a look at the above image and judge for yourselves. Seriously, this isn't a land of cupcakes, rainbows and ponies! It's a haunting atmosphere that creeps into your bones and rests there! It's a place where the sun don't shine, and where ever-present danger lives in just about every corner.

Apart from the landscape, players need to be careful what items they use and what armors they wear in order to increase their survival rate... Yep. Bloodborne is a survival-horror game, one that takes inventory management to new, terrifying extremes.

An occasional dog might jump out of the bushes, or a villager might appear out of a corner to attack you, but they are just there to surprise you and don't act as agents of fear, really...the entire game handles that instead!

Published Nov. 21st 2016

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