Amazon to Deliver Your Games on Sunday

You may not have to wait until Monday much longer.

How many times have you done the ordering-a-game-delivery-math? If you order on Friday with two-day shipping, it would land on Sunday, right? 

Then, you lament, for Sundays yield no mail, and therefore no new game. Thankfully for all of us with Amazon Prime, the online retail giant is setting things right by teaming up with the U.S. Postal Service to deliver on Sundays.

News popped up through the Associated Press this morning that the initiative will have a small beginning in metropolitan areas of New York and Los Angeles.

Fortunately for the other 99% of America (sorry Canada), Amazon is planning on expanding the service to Dallas, Houston, New Orleans and Phoenix next year.

David Clark, vice president of Amazon's worldwide operations, says the service will be available to all Amazon users. The service will be free for Prime members, who get free 2-day shipping, while standard users will pay as they would for any other delivery.

I happen to think the $79 yearly fee for Prime is a great deal, considering you get free two-day shipping and a whole mess of free movies and T.V. shows to stream - but others may not think so. A little trick: Students get Amazon Prime for an extreme discount, so take advantage if you can.

Upon this news getting to the ears of Wall Street Amazon's stock slid by 81 cents in pre-market trading, which may be indicative of a lack of faith in the experiment.

Sound off in the comments down below and let me know how you feel about Amazon delivering on Sundays!

Published Nov. 11th 2013
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