Attack on Titan Game to Arrive 2014

Wildly popular anime and manga series Attack on Titan will see a video game come out next year.

by 9 months ago

Anime and manga enthusiasts might be happy to hear that a video game based on Attack on Titan will launch next year.

Anime producer George Wada made the announcement at Anime Expo last week, after a teaser from the manga’s official Twitter account stated in April, “More information on home [console] games is coming!" The upcoming title is slated to be the sixth game in the series, following Attack on Titan: Wings of Counterattack, a social game launched on the GREE mobile platform on April 26, and four visual novels that will be bundled with the Blu-ray Disc volumes of the anime.

No information yet on either the premise or the gameplay, but the notion of a hardcore Attack on Titan video game is promising. The series revolves around people who have been forced into hiding by a humanoid, gargantuan terror known as Titans. Little is known about the new threat (except that they devour humankind whole), but humanity has succeeded in constructing both large walls for defense and body harnesses called Three Dimensional Maneuver Gears for offense.

The latter poses particularly intriguing options for gameplay: soldiers in the Attack on Titan universe use a combination of grappling hooks and gas in order to fly around their targets, whittling down their enormous foes à la Spider-Man. And if the game turns out to be anything like Shadow of the Colossus, there is reason to get excited.

The manga, syndicated in 2009, has since become a sleeper hit with over 20 million copies sold in Japan, rising up to place as the fourth top-selling series of 2013. Kodansha Comics USA and FUNimation are publishing the manga and anime series, respectively, in North America, so Western localization for the game may be a possibility. More details to follow soon.

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    About 9 months ago,
    AliceS (Featured Contributor) said:
    Sounds awesome! Hopefully the game lives up to the anime itself
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    About 9 months ago,
    Aneudys Tejeda (Correspondent) said:
    Okay I've heard a lot of talk about this show as of late, never bothered to look at it now i see its an anime and that Header image looks awesome. I'm very interested! where can I watch this show?
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    About 9 months ago,
    Raymond Wang (Featured Correspondent) said:
    Crunchyroll is streaming episodes as they become available, as far as I know. Check it out:
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    About 9 months ago,
    Leah Augustine (Featured Correspondent) said:
    oh man, I might have to go watch this now
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    About 4 months ago,
    Hilbertron said:
    This needs to be on PC/Next gen consoles, handhelds ruin the potential of games to become true works of art. This series deserves it!
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    About 3 months ago,
    Ivan_2442 said: