Final Fantasy XIV - 3102 Error and What Really Happened

An unbiased look at the 3102 error.

As most Final Fantasy XIV players know This weekend's Open Beta had some issues. The most prevalent issue was Error Code 3102, "Your character is already logged in please try again in a few minutes." Usually it just means you disconnected and you tried to log in again too fast. This time, however, that was not the case. Well over ten thousand players suffered from this error, some of which had it for over 24 hours. I for one had this error come up on my main account around noon on Sunday.

The Facts on 3102

So the common issue that arose this weekend was people disconnected while loading into a new zone. While normally this isn't an issue, for some reason several thousand people throughout all the North American and European servers were having the problem. Now, because they were zoning when they disconnected they were trapped in coding limbo, meaning the game still recognized the character as in game in between loading zones.

This coding glitch made it unable to load into the game on any North American or European server due to the game thinking they were already loaded in somewhere on the data center. Since this glitch was affecting players on the North American and European data center and not the Japanese data center, meaning they could create a character and log into a Japanese server, the glitch could be isolated to the data center itself.

So a bit past midnight this morning Square Enix started dumping the effected data center to start emergency maintenance. From what we could tell, it appears they went systematically and manually removed people from the game instead of just shutting off the servers. I figure this was to prevent more people from being affected, however that is just speculation on my part. After all that servers finally fully went down somewhere around 2am eastern time this morning. After finally going fully offline, the game stayed offline until about 4am eastern. When the servers came back online players afflicted by the 3102 error could finally log back in to the game.

Where we stand

At this point after a weekend of frustrating errors everyone suffering from the 3102 error should be able to log back in. On top of that the North American an European servers have had their allowable play time extended to approximately 11am eastern today. It's not a huge bonus but it's something, considering the game enters Early Access this weekend. For more information you can go to the A Realm Reborn Reddit or the Beta Testers Forums

Published Aug. 19th 2013
  • Sublimeprince
    from what I was able to get out of all this we all got locked into instances I would Start a Que for a duty ect when I would DC my char would go back to the original area I 3102'd. from the beginning some of the Quest line fights in P2 &P3 had an open world fighting mini bosses my guess is due to the HUGE population boom they Que'd us for Quest line stuff for congestion purposes so that ment they changed original code when you change big code it has hiccups there was also over 150k players crammed into the NA EU Side of the servers which my guess that did not help flooding the servers and changing stuff that was not a part of the 1st 3 beta tests, all in all I sold my soul to Square Soft when I held my nintendo controller and played FF1 well over 30 years ago I have not lost faith and FF11 had more issues then a 15 year old girl with no chocolate. so I think outside the 10k people who cried over Spillt milk as Kermit thefrog posted on Facebook. we may have the last great MMO from SE hopefully in 11 years with expansions we find a great world to get lost in and adventure, forgive my bad punctuation its 5 am and I'm not editing
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    For most, the 3102 error meant they could not get back in at all. For a small percentage they could still play, but could no longer do most of the content, you seem to be a member of that small percentage.
  • Sublimeprince
    I got locked out until 5 am est Sunday but when I got back on after the mass shut down that's what happened repeated over and over I would get the 9000 code then it booted me to my 3102 spot I originally dc'd from early Saturday afternoon I was doing the Hedge tree and it put me back at the instance prompt any time I tried to do anything other than kill mobs or run around so my guess it was the new instance system along with I had a shit ton of trouble targeting other players to heal them doing that slug fate near the tree after reset, I posted to the bug system in game hopefully that helped find the glitch
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    around 4-5am monday was when it was fixed
  • Destrolyn.Bechgeddig
    Featured Columnist
    Thankfully, I only got the 9000 error a handful of times (far less than I did during Phase 3), and had to wait an hour on the Sunday to log in. I came off pretty well from it all, methinks. :/
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    Yea, luckily I only had 3102 on my main account so I could log in on my secondary account still.
  • Stephen Johnston
    Thankfully they still called it a Beta. Hopefully this will not happen when they launch!
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    Only time will tell. I'm still pretty optimistic about the game as a whole.

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