First Ever Case of Kickstarter Fraud Against Atlius Management

The Attorney General of Washington state files the first suit against a Kickstarter company for fraud.

For the first time, a company on Kickstarter has been sued for fraud. The suit is against Altius Management, a company promising a dark and brooding limited print run of playing cards and poker chips designed by a Serbian artist. The project was successfully backed on Halloween of 2012, and it even beat their goal of $15,000 with more than $25,000.

This could affect the Kickstarter community significantly, considering that it has helped expand tabletop gaming through some of the largest projects ever on Kickstarter. The website already changed their policies last year to show a "risk and challenges" breakdown, indicating the projects chance of failure, even if funding succeeds.

Plenty of projects have failed to deliver with completion dates getting pushed back into the unknown. The Code Hero and Robotech RPG Tactics projects are just a few examples. The problem with Altius is the failure to update where the project stands or refund the contributors their money.

Could we see Kickstarter enact more changes to protect the contributors and give more responsibilities to deliver?

Published May. 7th 2014
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