Upcoming Elder Scrolls Podcast!

Still got questions about the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online? We got the answers!

Elder Scrolls Online is coming, fast.  There are still a lot of questions out there, and we aim to clear it all up for you!  We are bringing together a round table of "Elder Scrolls Allstars".  Your knights of this round table will be; myself, Mark Taylor (Lord Hammer) from Guild Umbra, Josh and Kyle from ShoddyCast, Andrew (Atropos) from Tamriel Foundry, Evarwyn and Joe "The Widget" from Elder Scrolls Off the Record, and finally our "expert" Jesse Cox.

Comment below your questions and maybe we can get to them!  We do plan to make this a series leading up the release and maybe even after, so if we don't get to your questions this episode we'll get to them next time!

Our first episode is set to start at 7pm EST on Friday May 3rd and we will be live streaming from GuildUmbra's Twitch channel and then each of us will post it on our respective pages, here at Gameskinny, on Shoddycast and Jesse's youtube channel, Tamriel Foundry's and Elder Scrolls Off the Record's pages and finally on the official ESO website through their series The Tamriel Chronicle.


Episode One can be found here!
Episode Two can be found here!
Published Apr. 30th 2013
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