SNSD Ahri: Making My Dreams Come True

Two of my favorite hobbies come together to make MEGA SNSD AHRI.

Let me just start by saying that I am an insanely devout SNSD fan. No, I don't speak Korean, and most of them don't speak English, but we have this crazy chemistry that has me waking up at ungodly hours for new album/music video releases. The GameSkinny office was even gifted with the presence of two SNSD posters above my desk.

However, as a League of Legends player, I also enjoy seeing dance references through champions. Ahri and Syndra, two of my mains, both use SNSD dances; Ahri uses Run Devil Run, and Syndra uses Hoot.

Today, League announced that a new Ahri skin, pictured in the header, will be releasing soon and is titled Popstar Ahri. But let's face it--with SNSD recently taking the YTMA despite nominees such as Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Beiber (much to the confusion and irritation of many unhappy fandoms)--is it really a surprise to see this skin cropping up? Is it really not SNSD Ahri? Because, I mean... it is. I will be buying it immediately.


Published Nov. 5th 2013
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